Cave Valley Amps

Each and every Cave Valley Amp is built completely to your personal specifications. We start from any one of the tried and true `50's and `60's amp circuits. We then fine-tune it and combine it with the right speaker array to give you the elusive sound you've been searching for, whether it's high-watt British rock with infinite sustain or low-watt American blues with gorgeous warmth. Your amp is made for you.

At Cave Valley Amps, we put our personal touch into everything we build. We create your amp or cab from start to finish in-house - we do not source out any of our work. Every amp uses only the highest quality components, individually hand-wired. Our attention to detail and quality control ensures your amp sounds just like you want it to for years to come. The same goes for the cabinets - we build Tolex, tweed, exotic hardwoods or just about anything you can imagine. And we build them to last.

Ahh, the ongoing search for the perfect tone! Every guitarist has his or her own idea of what it is, but each one agrees that a killer amp is a huge step in the right direction. Cave Valley Amps specializes in vintage single-ended Class-A circuits. Our hand-built amps give you a wide palate of sound from which you can find your own tone.