Cave Valley Amps

I guess my obsession with tube amps began with the re-cab of an old Vibro Champ. A bigger cabinet and speaker made it sound huge! I couldn't believe what a big difference could be made without messing with the amplifier circuitry. One thing lead to another, and Cave Valley Amps was born. Actually, it kind of evolved.
Like alot of guys, I played in a couple bands in my teens and twenties. Nothing serious, just jamming with friends at parties and having the time of my life. I married my High School sweetheart, moved to the sticks, and spent the next 10 years building a life and raising four sons. When I hit my 40's, I found myself with a little more time and money on my hands and started getting back into music. I'd always prefered the way tube amps sounded, but found that most of the mainstream amps were out of my price range, especially the vintage amps. I picked up an old Vibro Champ with a wrecked cabinet, and so began my odyssey into amp building.
My original plan was just to build an amp for myself. It started off simple, but the amps grew bigger, louder and more complex as I searched to find the "Holy Grail" of tone. I built so many amps, that they were litereally piled up around the house. In an attempt to make some room and thin out the heard, I started giving away amps to friends and family who were guitar players. Everyone was amazed at how much better the handbuilt tube amps sounded than their solid state amps and asked for more. As word of mouth spread, I started getting requests and orders. And with the encouragement of my family and friends, Cave Valley Amps became official.
I've focused the core of my business around what I feel are the most significant and original amplifier circuits of the 1950's and 1960's. These include but are not limited to the Fullerton California Tweed amps, the Jennings AC amps, and the 18 watt Plexi amps. This created a wide latitude of sound to choose from, and most of these circuits lend themselves to creative modifications. My goal is to make a product that has a high level of craftsmanship, is tonally superior, completely custom, and affordable for the everyday average guitar slinger. Please email or call me for more information or to get a friendly quote. I love talking amps, and hopefully can steer you toward an amp or a sound that you've been searching for.
I owe a debt of gratitude to my friends, family and customers for their patience, faith and encouragement in this endeavour. Everyone playing one of my amps is a part of this. I would especially like to thank Tino Zottola who has been my "go-to-guy" from the beginning. Thank you everyone.
Sincerely, Ethan Meyer