Cave Valley Amps

Our cabinet shop is where you can really customize your amp. We can build just about anything you can dream up. Highly figured hardwoods, richly colored Tolex, or laquered Tweed can be used in any combination for a truly customized look. A wide variety of grille cloth is available to complement the finished cabinet.

All of our cabinets are build using dovetail joinery, hardwood supports, aliphetic resin glue and screws. Select hardwoods and knot-free pine are used for the carcass work. Thick leather handles, chrome corners and heavy duty rubber feet finish off a cabinet that will look great and stand up to heavy use for many years.

Along with head and combo cabinets, we also build matching speaker and extension speaker cabinets. We can duplicate old, broken combo cabinets that will make your amp look brand new, and we can build custom cabinets to house your PA conversion amps for the perfect harp or guitar amp.